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26/11/14: Ten minutes with... Sarah from Sugarpuffish

Chances are that if you follow me, you will also have come across the brilliant Sarah from Sugarpuffish.  Sarah is one of the most well-known green gang, and I remember scouring her site several times before I started my own blog, looking for information on the natural products I was considering as replacements for my previous skincare routine. I now not only read her blog regularly, but have had the pleasure of meeting her twice - so she was an obvious candidate for this series... read on to find out more about her favourite products, books and where the Kardashians come into it all.

Last thing you do at night? 
Before I switch the light off and go to sleep, nine times out of ten I’m messing around on my ipod probably tweeting or emailing. It’s a terrible habit which I could do with breaking. I should switch off earlier in the evening and then complete my skincare routine before hitting the hay, not the other way around.

Top tip for being happy and healthy? 
Not sure I’m the best person to offer a tip on being healthy since I am a lover of junk food. I do think happiness comes from being surrounded by friends and family that love you and make you giggle. 

Brands, bloggers or people that inspire you?
I have several friends who are amazing women because they have faced life head on, through personal ups and downs and I admire their strength and courage. 

Favourite TV series? 
I have several favourites - Bones, Modern Family, Suits, Greys Anatomy, Elementary and How to get away with Murder. 

Product you wish you'd invented? 
Now that’s an interesting question. Not sure I have any wishes to have invented an existing product but I wish someone would hurry up and find a cure for allergies and coeliac disease. 

SugarpuffishFavourite skincare item? 
Is it just me or is this question a bloggers worst nightmare? I have so many great loves in my life when it comes to skincare products. Before I discovered Pure Thoughts I never used solid soap now I’m a convert. Discovering Essential Care (now Odylique) Gentle Herb Shampoo was a life changing moment. Up until that moment I had terrible skin and scalp issues which I was attributing to my haircare and nothing worked to resolve the problems. Gentle Herb shampoo changed that after the first wash.  Balmology Comfort Balm and Lyonsleaf Calendula Cream are my hero products for eczema. 

Favourite cosmetic item? 
Anyone who knows me well, will realise I shy away from makeup, it’s never been something I have been passionate about. I do like to use foundation and my favourite is Everyday Minerals Semi Matte Base. I’m also a fan of their Sweet Secret tinted lip butter.

Your guilty pleasure? 
Eating Dairy free ice cream, topped with dairy free chocolate buttons whilst watching the Kardashians.

Favourite book? 
I used to read regularly and then blogging took over so I lack any recent favourites. I enjoy travel writers and recommend Peter Moore The Wrong Way Home, Bill Bryson Down Under and Alex Garland The Beach.  I have a sentimental attachment to these books and long distant memories of backpacking. 

Why did you start your blog? 
My blog started because one afternoon I was bored, I felt my brain was under used. I initially read a few blogs and decided that perhaps I could offer something a bit different. Here I was with a wealth of knowledge about natural and organic skincare, eczema and allergies.  I thought to myself how much easier my “green” journey would have been if 10 years ago I had discovered a blog like my own. 

Proudest/most exciting moment in your blog/brand/store career? 
The fact that I am still blogging 3 years on is quite an achievement for me and something I didn’t plan upon. When I was first asked if I would like to take part in Judging for the Free From Skincare Awards I was very excited and proud, and that feeling hasn’t changed with each year that I have been asked back.

You can also find Sarah on Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

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Ten minutes with... Lyonsleaf


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  1. Brilliant post (and pics lol), I really enjoyed reading it. Sarah''s blog is a fantastic ressource, and you gotta love her wit and honesty ;D I do get a bit jealous of her great food finds, because I've never come accross dairy free chocolate buttons haha. xx

    1. thank you Liz, do I need to send you a food parcel of DF chocolate buttons? we have them in the supermarkets :)

    2. :D Definitely! I think I've seen them before, but as I'm naughty and eat Cadbury I don't think I've paid them much attention...

  2. Thanks for featuring me Hephzibah, it was fun and now the secret is out about my love for Kardashians :D Big hugs to you and thanks for being lovely (and reading my blog for so long!)

    1. You're welcome and you're welcome! I'm so glad you took part :) xx

      PS. Sorry for the bloggers nightmare of a question!

  3. i love this kind of post.. It's interesting to know more about the person behind the blog :) Xx

    1. Happy to hear that you enjoyed learning more about Sarah :) x

  4. Loved this! I really like getting to know people a little better. And I certainly love Sarah a bit more now that I know she watches the Kardashians :D haha xx

  5. Loved this! Haha apparently we all watch Kardashians :)) xx

    1. Haha! Funnily enough I have not yet succumbed! But knowing Sarah watches them... well, I might have to check them out... x

  6. Love these posts! Always fun to get to know fellow green beauty bloggers!


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