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30/11/14: #slowstreetstyle

Reading through the blogosphere tonight, I came across this post by Amber, highlighting a collaboration between Consciously Sartorial and that encourages people to create a look using eco-friendly, sustainable, fairtrade clothing - or "slow" fashion pieces - to prove that shopping mindfully doesn't have to mean compromising on  looking good.

I aim to buy Fairtrade food and drink wherever I can and am more likely to purchase products that I can see are fairly traded - but quite often I don't seek out "slow" fashion and usually go for the easy high street options... so I enjoyed looking across the internet to find these pieces, and am actually pretty tempted by a few of these items... time to hide the bank card...!

If you want to take part to, all you have to do is create your own look by the 1 December and share it with the tag #slowstreetstyle.

There are two links for each item - to find out more about the brands credentials, click on their name, and to see the product in their store, click on the item name!

The only problem I had when sourcing these items was that I didn't know off-hand any local companies to include!  No issues with finding items that I liked, and I think I'm going to have a hard time keeping the Parka, Bag and Shoes out of my shopping basket.  My Converse have recently fallen completely apart after about ten years wear, the bag is just brilliant and the parka has some awesome pattern detailing that I think just makes it a bit less utility wear than your run of the mill long jacket.  

Read Consciously Sartorial's post here and sogoodsocute's here - or create your own!

Do you know of any good eco/ethical/fairtrade/sustainable brands local to you?


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  1. Yay thanks for getting involved too at such short notice! I completely forgot and whipped mine up in 15 minutes on Saturday haha! Love the colour of those jeans!


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