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27/12/14: The Winter Essentials Tag

Sarah from Sugarpuffish tagged me to do this in a recent video - and as it is FREEZING and I'm definitely indulging in about four of the five items below today, I thought it would be a good time to do this tag.

Five items that I love and use in Winter:

1.  Lip Balms!  The more the merrier.  Even though I only have one set of lips, I must have upwards of 20 to 30 lip balms in various pockets, drawers, glove-boxes and desks.  Bare English are my current faves, swiftly followed by the gorgeousness that is Hurraw!.  To be fair, I like lip balms all year round, but when its cold and dry outside, a good lashing of balm makes me feel a little more presentable in my numerous socks and scarves.

2.  Fleece Blankets/Fleecy Socks.  I have recently acquired a bright red full-on-polyester-super-flammable-but-ever-so-soft fleece blanket.  I think one of the seams has already undone, but it is so warm and cosy that I don't care!   And as its technically the same sort of thing...fleecy socks keep my paws warm during winter.  I have horrendously cold feet a lot of the time, but fleecy slipper socks from Marks and Spencers and cabin fleece socks from Seasalt are getting me through.

3.  Warm Baths.  When a fleece blanket isn't cutting the mustard, a warm bath is heavenly.  I've been using the Vital Touch Bath Soak that we received in the Green Beauty Meetup goody bag recently, and it's been great.  (Side note - not so fun when the water starts to cool and you realise you left your towel in another room.)

4.  Facial oils/Moisturiser.  My usually dry skin turns into proper scales during the winter, so good moisturisation and oiling is an even more essential element of my skincare routine than usual.  As always Desert Rose by Bodhi and Birch is included, but I will more often than usual then follow it up with a moisturiser like Antipodes Rejoice or Bodhi and Birch's Rosa Rosa.

5.  Herbal Tea.  Since a severe bout of gastritis earlier in the year, I've gone right off my usual tea with soya milk and have replaced it with various herbal concoctions.  I'm currently really enjoying a Jasmine Green Tea and drink one or two a day.  The warm mug and gentle scent is a lovely experience and warms me through when it's cold.  

I think quite a few people have already done this tag, but if you haven't already... I tag:

Hope you enjoyed reading - what's your all-time favourite Winter essential?
Let me know down below!

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  1. I'm with you on being crazy about lip balms in the winter! I just have to slather some on my lips before I go to bed so I don't wake up with dried out lips.

  2. I love the passage in your post "full-on-polyester-full-flammable" haha :) Merci for the tag Hephzibah ( it risk to be the same) we have same winter taste :) !

    Have a great holiday and if we don't chat before new years, i send you my best wishes to you for 2015!

    Julie xo <3

  3. Loved reading your answers and fleece blankets are definitely a must have during the cold weather :)

  4. I agree, lip balms, fleece blankets, and facial oils are always a must.

  5. Great tag and loved reading your answers :) I'm definitely a lip balm addict too and warm baths are always a must in this dreary weather! x

  6. Your picks are pretty much what I'd choose, 'cept I really don't like taking baths/showering in winter... lol!


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