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05/01/15: Spiezia Facial in a Bag

After a no-go gift fail with Trilogy back in September, I purchased this Spiezia kit for my mother as an alternative.  I dithered between this and Pai, but was swung by the fact that the bottles are frosted and pink (good reason, right?), I've never tried them before, they're Soil Association certified Organic, and Chesca from Fern + Moss is a fan of the Rose and Vanilla oil that I that my giftee would receive in the pack.  

As I haven't used these products, I'll let my mother tell you what she thought.

Facial Cleanser (10ml)
This balm cleanser has a Vaseline like consistency and is easy to spread.  The smell is a bit off-putting (GFMGFY a very strong Pesto scent!), but aside from that it's nice to use.  I haven't used balms before so it's taking a bit of getting used to but my first impressions are positive.  My only complaint is that sometimes it cane be hard to remove all the residue.

Floral Skin Toner (10ml)
I loved the smell of this.  I haven't used toners before, so it was a shame to run out of this quite quickly and I would be interested in trying out other types.

Rose & Vanilla Face Oil (10ml)
This is my favourite item from the pack.  It smells wonderful and based on what I've used so far I think it will last me for a while.  I haven't used face oils before, so it's another product to get used to, but worth trying out and I'm enjoying using it.  However, I prefer to use it at night as I can't get used to using it under make up in the mornings. 

Rose & Chamomile Gentle Face Scrub (10ml)
This is another new experience - it feels a little oily on the skin, but I like the gentle exfoliation you get from the flowers.  Rose and chamomile is a pleasant combination but I find the chamomile quite strong.

Intensive Moisturiser (10ml)
A richly scented balm that is very similar to the facial cleanser .  Unfortunately it is very easy to use too much at once and end up with a very shiny and slick face.  When you get the right amount, however, I enjoy using this and have noticed an improvement in the appearance of my skin.  Overall it has been a great way to try out some new facial care and I would recommend this kit to anyone that enjoys scented luxurious products.

Thanks Mum!  You can find many of these minis available individually to purchase here.

Have you tried Spiezia?  Can you get past the smell of a product if it works?
Let me know down below!

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  1. I received the Ladies Night kit for Christmas, it has the cleanser and face oil, I'm am enjoying using both of them :)

  2. I haven't tried anything by Spiezia, but would love too. Those pretty pink bottles are calling me x

  3. This brand looks lovely! And I'd totally choose it over Psi for the same reason, frosted pink glass xo

  4. Ooh! Frosted pink bottles would win me over too!!
    I love the sound of a few of these - the facial oil sounds amazing plus the face scrub and toner.
    Rach xx

  5. i tried spiezia and it really aggravated my skin, i was slightly gutted because i did love everything else about it. Not quite sure what the irritation was :( xx

  6. I wanna try this facial in a bag also! but not sure where I could buy this, can I have the links so I could try one? thank you :)


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