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28/02/15: Living Nature Eyeliner

When I first discovered kohl eyeliner at 13, I was hooked.  I didn't consider that a black waterline was probably going to make my dark deeper-set eyes look smaller and chucked it on like nobody's business before briefly experimenting with a dark green/gold.  But as I didn't realise that you could also run a pencil along the top waterline to create a more grown-up finish I got fed up with the one look I could create and consigned my liners to the great makeup bag in the sky.  Since then my eyes have been primarily liner-free until I had the opportunity to test out Living Nature's Eye Pencil in River Stone*.  

23/02/15: Ten minutes with... Amber's Beauty Talk

Amber's Beauty Talk is a blog that I've read since I saw her review on the Babyliss Curl Secret - having "lively" hair that won't quite do straight I loved the idea of a tool that seems so simple. Anyway, I came for the hair and stayed for the green beauty! 

Amber is a regular blog/vlogger who is very active in the green beauty blogger sphere and regularly dishes out reviews on great green beauty finds known and unknown. I've met her twice now, once on the Field Trip and more recently in Reading, and she's as brilliant in person as she is online. Amber was one of my first choices for this series, so I hope you enjoy reading her answers!

Last thing you do at night?
Probably tweet…oops!

Your top tip for being happy and healthy?
Do things that make you happy. I often get stuck in a strop over something little or I moan about doing something I don’t want to do. If you don’t want to do something, or you know it won’t make you happy, don’t do it!

Which brands/bloggers/people inspire you?
All of the green beauty brands inspire me. They create products that are not only great for our skin but also for the environment and our health…what’s more inspiring than that?!

All of the green blogger girls inspire me too! I love you all! :D

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