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21/03/2015: Catching Up

Hello!  As once again I have let things slide a bit on the blogging front I've been toying with the idea of a post rounding up what I would have posted about in the last few months if I had been a good blogger.  If there's anything specific you want to hear more about, just let me know. (PS. Apologies for the dodgy over-sharpening on the photos below - I am experimenting to find a way to take photos when it's not bright out!)

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Akamuti Rosewater (£12.00)-  A staple in my routine; I've lost count of the number of times I've finished up bottles of this toner.

Odacite Moringa and Petitgrain Serum Concentrate (Sample size) - I received this mini vial of serum with a Content order.  I've seen these little bottles of concentrated power serums featured on many a green beauty blog but they didn't pique my interest.  I have enjoyed using this though as it's the one for very dry skin.  The scent is strongly of petitgrain (although I don't think I'd know the scent of moringa if it smacked me in the face) which isn't something I'm a huge fan of, but it seems to work in this combination.  It's a thick oil, and at the time of taking the photo it looks like there is still some in there as it has semi-crystallised/hardened and won't budge.  I imagine when the heating comes on later it will be released!  The full size is only 5ml so this vial is quite a generous tester.  As far as I know they are supposed to be used as short powerful month course rather than continuous useage, but I could be wrong.  Anyone use these?  I also have vials of Wild Carrot (Vital Glow) and Black Cumin and Cajeput (Pimples) and I'm hoping for big things from the latter.

Pai Lotus and Orange Blossom BioAffinity Skin Tonic (£30.00) -  This came in the Pai Black Friday deal.  It's a lot more than I would spend on a toner on its own, but I have definitely enjoyed it while it lasted.  My only issue is that when I got towards the end the pump started playing up and alternately spraying off in a weird direction or not projecting the toner, leaving it dribbling down the bottle.  The scent is beautiful and if I were more inclined to use toners properly (ie. not as a water substitute when cleansing) then this would probably be a repurchase.

Dr Hauschka Translucent Foundation (£19.50-22.00).  I have repurchased this before even running out of my current bottle as they have changed the formula and there is no direct replacement for my shade, 00.   Not happy!  They've also introduced coconut oil which although I can deal with in small amounts, really seems to clog up my cheeks - so even if they do bring in a new lighter shade at some point I doubt I'll be buying it.  So, it seems I am on the lookout for a new foundation!  Some of the old formulations are still available on certain websites, so if you're a fan - snap them up quick!

Pai Rose and Camellia Cleanser (£28.00-30.00).  I received a travel size of  this when I bought their Rosehip oil a year or so ago and recently bought another in the beauty bundle black Friday deal.  I wasn't ready to be without so when I finished this bottle I quickly repurchased.  Have just repurchased again, but this time for my mother who is forming a lasting attachment to Pai products - although I notice that the price has increased recently.  This sounds a lot in principle but when I think how many £4.99 packets of Simple wipes I would get through in the same time frame it takes me to finish up one of these bottles, it's not a huge amount more.

Little Ondine Nail Polish (Dark Crystal/Morning Glory - £7.00-9.00) You may have seen on twitter/instagram reference to a new nail polish brand Little Ondine.  I caught a deal from the ladies at Call It Vanity for money off purchases over £15 and looking at the premise of the product (and the gorgeous colour selection!) I couldn't resist and popped two in my basket.  First impressions of the peel-off action were good, although initially the peeling seemed to be starting a little too soon for my liking.  However, I'm still experimenting and currently typing this with day old nails that only have tiny chips.  Stay tuned for a more in depth review!

One Love Organics Morning Glory Brightening Serum (£37.00).  This is sort of a repurchase as I bought the OLO sample set back in July 2014 when I visited Being Content.  At first I wasn't bothered by the serums in the pack, being more interested in the awesomely scented Skin Saviour.  However, I picked this up a few weeks ago to try it out as a primer (as recommended by Brianna - Brija Cosmetics/iluvjesse444) and fell for it hard.  My indecision over whether to purchase the full size was then aided by the fact that they have now changed the formula and essentially are discontinuing this product - the new formula is so different I think it's kinda just a new product. I love the silky feel it gives to my skin in the mornings and it's so light that it is perfect under make up.  It doesn't hydrate my dry patches as well as it could do to be the perfect product, but I haven't found much that does that anyway!  

Isle of Wight Natural Candle Company: Orange, Nutmeg and Clove (£5.50-13.00).  I am obsessed with this scent.  I received two medium candles from IWNC last year in a competition run by Tania @ Bow Tied Beauty and also a discount code on my next purchase which I used to buy quite a few Christmassy scents last year, and this one is one that I really loved.  I've now purchased seven more in various sizes and smells, and this is the one that I keep on my bedside table and burn for a little bit before bed.  It's zesty but warm and also sweet - love it!  And it doesn't hurt that the prices are on point and their customer service is helpful. :)

Fuller Figure Fuller Bust.  Being of the fuller busted variety, I have been loving Georgina Horne's blog for about a year but I've been checking it more regularly in the last few months.  I like seeing the outfits she wears, her body-positive attitude, and she has baby rats on her Instagram!  She's recently collaborated with Pin Up Girl Clothing to create a collection that makes me wish that a - I wore a 16 and b - had that hourglass figure!

Pukka and Dragonfly Teas. (£Various) These teas have been a permanent fixture in the office kitchen in the last few months.  Since going off my regular teabags I've been enjoying more herbal teas:  firstly the Mint and Cinnamon from Pukka, Morning Lemon Mate from Clipper and then returning to more traditional tastes with the Earl Grey* and English Breakfast* teas from Dragonfly.  I will be reviewing these in a bit more detail soon but spoiler alert - English Breakfast is already on next weeks shopping list.

Foreo Luna (Normal/Sensitive) (£145.00).  Not an entirely new purchase but as you might have picked up about me by now - I'm not hugely successful at forming new habits - so this has been used on and off since I bought it during their Black Friday sale.  I'm really trying to make a point of using it daily, so fingers crossed I have good news to report soon!

Pai Rosehip Radiance Mask*  - this currently limited edition mask was featuring in Pai's Christmas Gift Sets and smells amazing.  It's super gentle and my skin seems to drink it up when I massage it on.  Initially I was hesitant to apply the generous layers advised, as the tube is only 50ml.  But I soon couldn't resist the silky product inside, and it seems to be lasting longer than I thought!

Katie (of Katie Vibes) generously gifted me her RMS Beauty Living Luminizer back at the Green Beauty Blogger Meet Up in October.  As it's coconut oil based I do have to watch how much I use and wear, but having been a Benefit High Beam obsessive when I was younger, this remains in my make up arsenal.  I also swatched a few eye cream shades in Content last year, and lusted over Rachel's Magnetic purchase - so, when I heard that this was Imelda's (Content Beauty) favourite shade I figured it couldn't hurt to try out a sample.  Cue ordering further samples in Inspire and Imagine for a trio of eye polish testers.  First impressions are that although they're supposed to be easy to apply I have had issues - but that because of my dry skin they seem to last quite well throughout the day, or at least longer than I anticipated.  Full review with hour by hour updates to follow.

Phew!  Hopefully that gives you a good idea of what's been happening in my Green Beauty world recently.  I'm hoping that I will be back posting more regularly again soon as I don't think either you or I could handle too many of these essays!  

Is there anything here that you particularly like or dislike?  
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* PR sample generously provided, all thoughts and opinions are my own based on my personal experience!


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  1. I can't believe that they are changing the formula of the OLO! I am a big fan of the mask by Pai too x

  2. A great line up of empties & purchases. I also received a couple of those Odacite samples not too sure about them can't make up my mind from the teeny sample :)

  3. Love the colours you picked up from Little Ondine, also can't believe OLO are changing Morning Glory. Isn't it meant to be one of their best products?!

    Mayah x


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