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22/03/15: Survey ~ Update

Hello everyone!  Firstly, to everyone who took the time to complete the survey I posted a little while ago - THANK YOU!  It was really interesting to see the results and so valuable to get another point of view on what was/wasn't working.

I just wanted to quickly post about a few changes that I've made as a result of your feedback - and if there's something that's bugging you, the survey is still open so go and let me know what it is!

Font size
Quite a few people commented that the font size for posts was too small for them.  Rather than increase the size permanently (as for aesthetic purposes I quite like it small...) I've introduced a little option in the sidebar where you can select the post font size: 13px (default), 16px or 18px.  Hopefully this will accommodate everyone's preferences.  It won't change the widgets, just the post size, and you will have to click it for each new page you visit.  If it was something that you raised, thank you - and let me know if the options are large enough?

I admit, I had got a bit carried away with my labelling... which lead us to something that looked a bit like this:

...ouch!  So, I sat down and went through all my posts and simplified their labels so that we now have a much shorter list that hopefully is easier to sort through and gives you clear overview of what's available to read.  Again, it's all changeable so if there's a tag you think deserves to be there, I'd love to hear it.

Menu bar
In keeping with the "being-easier-to-navigate" theme we've got going on here, the menu bar now also has links to posts labelled with skincare, makeup and interviews - plus a handy click to scroll to the labels button.  Give it a click and see what you think.

Social media buttons
As GFMGFY has grown, it's taken me a while to keep these buttons up to date, but now they reflect all the platforms you can find me on including my latest patch on Instagram.  Plus a little change up in colour to suit the general theme.  I've also removed defunct options such as SheSaidBeauty as to be honest I didn't really ever use it, and it turned out noone else did either!  I might add an RSS button later if I think that would be useful.

And finally...
We now have Disqus!  I've been thinking about using this popular commenting platform for a while as I really like the functionality it provides.  Although almost half of the people reading don't comment, for those that do I hope you'll like this change.  Initially I wasn't keen on it but as soon as I realised I could sign in with Twitter (oh Twitter, I do love you) I was sold.  Add in the fact that it was seriously painless to install, and here we are.  I hope you like it as much as I do.  Why not test it out and let me know what you think of the new and improved GFMGFY? :p

Normal posting to resume shortly. 

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  1. Your font size button is a clever little widget :D

  2. Thanks Sarah! :D


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