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29/04/2015: Tea-time Trials

Since starting work, I've spent a lot of time with tea.  I spend most of my day with either a glass of water or cuppa on my desk, and the whole act of having a new cup of tea made for me, making another for the team... well, it's a way of getting up and away from the desk for a little bit.  Which on a slower day is a little bit of a treat!!

Unfortunately, this meant that I reached a point where I was consuming up to six cups a day.  Plus the soya milk.  And not only did it get a little bit boring, but I got to the point (in combination with a bout of gastritis) where my regular cup just wasn't what I wanted.  The up-side though, is that I've branched out much further in my tea-tasting, so thought I'd share my thoughts on what's been tickling my fancy for the last few months... and what didn't!

Clipper Morning Tea
Taken black this is something a bit different to your regular cuppa.  It's a mate tea (which I'd never heard of before) with a lemongrass and lemon verbana infusion.  The mate seems to make it taste similar to a regular tea, the lemon additions give it an extra kick and there's a bit of licorice root in there too (not that I could detect that part personally!) Have repurchased.  

26/04/15: Gettin' lippy with it...[na-na nah nah na-na nah...]

After my recent lipstick post on Lippy Girl, I decided it was about time I took a look at some of the other colours in my collection.  I have two others to add to this at a later date (Lippy Girl Hot Diggity Yam and Coral Me Maybe, which I adore) but my current collection consists of the small select group to follow.  Let the crazy-close-up-mouth shots commence!

12/04/15: Bin, Gift, Repurpose #2

Hallo!  It's been a while since I've done one of these, but looking through my skincare drawer recently I realised that I have held onto quite a few things (by which I mean a tonne) that I should probably let go.  So without further ado, here's a (quite hefty) low down of what I'm saying sayonara to this month.

Benecos Day Cream:  This came in the Green Beauty Meet Up goody bag back in October 2014 but I'm afraid I've become a bit of a face care snob, and I just don't want to use this on my temperamental skin as I've got a couple of moisturisers already that I'm happy with.  It's a perfectly acceptable cream that I think I'll put towards my dry elbows and knees, but I won't be using it on my face.  Repurpose.

John Masters Organics Rosemary and Lavender Shampoo:  I've never had a full size bottle of any JMO but I have gone through numerous sachets, so I picked up one of their travel sets back in July of last year to get a better idea of whether I felt I should spend the £££ on a proper bottle. Unfortunately I didn't get around to using this one before my sensitivity to potassium sorbate emerged, so I've passed it on to someone else. Gift.

Eve St Agnes Facial Silk and Refining Exfoliator: These arrived in a Souk Souk box of yesteryear and I just wasn't taken with them.  I used them a couple of times, but I think they're well past their 6 month use by date.  I might keep the glass pots, but otherwise these are going in the bin.  Bin.

05/04/15: Ten minutes with... Charlie from Sophia's Choice

Charlie Hughes is a green blogger and owner of the natural and organic boutique Sophia's Choice.  I've ordered several times from her site and am always struck by the sweet wrapping that makes me feel like I'm receiving a present rather than some items just whacked in a box.  Her blog follows the same method: detailed and friendly.  I asked Charlie if she would take part in my ten minutes series last year, and have been looking forward to sharing this with you ever since.  Enjoy :) 

Last thing you do at night?
After checking on my 2 girls, to make sure they’re still breathing (it’s a mother thing!), I always tell my hubby that I love him.  It goes back to when I was a child; it was the very last thing I said to my Mum when she tucked me up at night and it’s something I’ve always carried on with my husband. Soppy really!

03/04/15: Bathtime Favourites

Although I try to keep my skincare rotation down, when it comes to the bathroom I switch it up on a regular basis.  However, these are the four products that have been used regularly over the last few months - my favourites.

Barefoot SOS Bath and Shower Gel* (RRP £16.00) - I received this as a tester from one of my regular shopping spots Lucy Rose. It arrived around the time that I first noticed my sensitivity to potassium sorbate and I was glad to have something else I could use in the shower. It's a practical product rather than a luxurious one but it does the job. It doesn't froth but I found it especially good for shaving and I also like the soft scent.  I used it a few times on my face but found it best for body - in particular shaving.  Targeted at those with eczema and skin sensitivities the price is a bit more than I would like for the product, but I can imagine that if you're someone that suffers really badly with skin issues then this might be worth the extra cost if its gentle enough for your skin (contains essential oils). One thing I noticed that was a bit weird was that any product that was left in the cap between uses went a bit green? It didn't affect the function but I'm not sure what that was about!  

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