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29/04/2015: Tea-time Trials

Since starting work, I've spent a lot of time with tea.  I spend most of my day with either a glass of water or cuppa on my desk, and the whole act of having a new cup of tea made for me, making another for the team... well, it's a way of getting up and away from the desk for a little bit.  Which on a slower day is a little bit of a treat!!

Unfortunately, this meant that I reached a point where I was consuming up to six cups a day.  Plus the soya milk.  And not only did it get a little bit boring, but I got to the point (in combination with a bout of gastritis) where my regular cup just wasn't what I wanted.  The up-side though, is that I've branched out much further in my tea-tasting, so thought I'd share my thoughts on what's been tickling my fancy for the last few months... and what didn't!

Clipper Morning Tea
Taken black this is something a bit different to your regular cuppa.  It's a mate tea (which I'd never heard of before) with a lemongrass and lemon verbana infusion.  The mate seems to make it taste similar to a regular tea, the lemon additions give it an extra kick and there's a bit of licorice root in there too (not that I could detect that part personally!) Have repurchased.  

Dragonfly Traditional English* and Classic Earl Grey*
I am always drawn to the bergamot in Earl Grey but the cup has never lived up to the promise - I've always found it to be weak, herby and not very appealing.  But this one, I'm actually considering buying again.  It was the first pack to bite the dust and it worked very nicely with soya milk too - always a bonus!

However, it couldn't complete with the delicious English Breakfast tea that I drank morning and afternoon until the box was up.  Again, it worked great with my unsweetened soya and tasted more warming and bodied than the plain tea I usually drink.  This one is my straight up favourite - the only problem is that my local supermarket doesn't sell it!  

Dragonfly Moroccan Mint Tea
When I realised that the Three Mint wasn't entirely my bag, I picked up the Dragonfly Tea Moroccan Mint which is a blend of green tea and spearmint.  I definitely prefer this as an everyday tea, with the Pukka 3 Mint perfect for more of a blast.  

And a few that didn't quite make it onto the shopping list... 

Pukka Herbs (3 Cinnamon/3 Mint)
This brand is an old favourite, and I picked them up when I thought that perhaps herbal teas would be a nice change.  I've previously gone for the more interesting blends, but this time decided to pick up their Three Mint and Three Cinnamon ranges.  Honestly, I don't think that I would repurchase either of them - I think I prefer the subtle combinations available in their other concoctions better than I do the full whammy these two provide.  Having said that, I did find that these were pleasant to drink all the way through from piping hot to cold, which isn't always the case, and would probably make great iced teas.

Dragonfly Swirling White Tea* - I've always been interested in the more exotically named teas available but don't often pick anything new up, so when Dragonfly offered the chance to sample their range this was a perfect opportunity to try this white tea.  Honestly, it tastes different to a builder's tea but I don't think I'll be rushing to repurchase.  It's a soft taste that can be taken black but nothing particularly memorable; kinda tasted just like a regular black tea to me.

Dragonfly Green Gaucho* - firstly, points for the excellent name.  This gaucho contains the mate tea that I'd never heard of before the Clipper Morning Tea and it's quite similar - although I can definitely detect the green tea element which usually puts me off any drink.  However, the lemon stops it from being your plain usual green tea and turns it into a pleasant mid-morning pick me up.  Unfortunately though, it can't beat the English Breakfast, so I still have about 10 sachets of the 20 left.

Are you a tea drinker?  Strictly builders or something more exotic?  
Let me know down below!

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* Sample kindly provided, all opinions entirely my own and based on my experience of the product.


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  1. I'm not much of a tea drinker but if I do have a cuppa of the herbal stuff then Pukka wins hands down for me

  2. Hadn't heard of this brand before, so thank you for the introduction. I'm liking the sound of Green Gaucho. I usually have one-two cups of tea. Lately, I'm drinking Pomegranate-green tea from English Tea Shop :) x

  3. Which is your favourite Pukka? I used to enjoy them but haven't had a combination one in a while, only the three mint/cinnamon ones xx

  4. I remember seeing them on your blog - must give them a go - pomegranate green is an unusual mix! You're welcome :) x

  5. karen calladine3 May 2015 at 00:25

    I am afraid I am not a fan of herbal tea, but love English breakfast or Earl Grey tea x

  6. I love (almost) all teas and love trying new ones. I adore green tea lattes and soya chai tea. Yum. When I was younger I only liked 'normal' tea with milk and sugar but now my cupboard has over 35 different teas. I've become quite a collector haha.

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