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26/04/15: Gettin' lippy with it...[na-na nah nah na-na nah...]

After my recent lipstick post on Lippy Girl, I decided it was about time I took a look at some of the other colours in my collection.  I have two others to add to this at a later date (Lippy Girl Hot Diggity Yam and Coral Me Maybe, which I adore) but my current collection consists of the small select group to follow.  Let the crazy-close-up-mouth shots commence!

Top left - Silk Naturals Sea Breeze.  I originally fell for the similarly toned Top Shelf, but when I realised that that was actually a blush stick, I plumped for this coral instead.  I don't pick it up that often as it is brighter than I like to wear on a daily basis.  However, for the price I really can't fault it.  Good payoff, good amount of product and a good colour.  It's described as a "happy sheer milky berry coral" and to me it looks like an amped up version of Shell Shock with a hint more orange than Shell Shock's pink.  

Top right - Ilia Lip Conditioner in Shell Shock.  My favourite and most worn lip colour, I love this shade.  It's subtle but noticeable and gives a pop of colour that I feel comfortable with for day time and office wear.  Replaced it straight away when I managed to lose my first tube.

Bottom left - Silk Naturals Card Shark.  I was feeling adventurous when I chose this and I admit I haven't worn it outside yet.  As you can see from the picture, the dark red in the tube doesn't quite translate to the lips, but I actually prefer the rich red that it imparts.  Definitely one for careful application - best to dab rather than swipe!

Bottom right - Benecos in Pink HoneyI reviewed this a while ago and then promptly forgot about it - looking at the shot above I'm reminded why I liked it.  It has a slight vanilla scent that some people might not like but unfortunately I've spotted that it has lanolin in it, so it won't be making it back into my current rotation.  It's a shame as I really like the colour - but I'm wondering if there might be an Ilia Conditioner that could do the trick... 

TL - Ilia Lipstick, Strike It Up.  I fell in lust with this when I first sampled it and promptly ordered a full size.  Unfortunately the full size is SO dry - like dragging chalk across my lips.  However, it's workable with a touch of balm and I'm still loving the gorgeous matte bright red it leaves behind.

TR - Lippy Girl, Rosie Posie*.  I reviewed this in full here.  A few shades darker than my actual lips, but so wearable.  Picked up two more from their line based on my experience with this one.

BL - Silk Naturals, Operative.  Not technically a lipstick as such, this is a pinky shimmery "Kisser Slicker".  It looks on the lips fairly similar to how it looks in the stick.  It's very easy to apply, I just have to remember that it can look a bit too pink if I'm heavy handed.  I think there are a few other shades in this line that call themselves MLBB - I think maybe a slightly different shade might work better for me.

BR - Swatches!  In the same order as the larger photos (SN Sea Breeze, Ilia Shell Shock, SN Card Shark, Benecos, Ilia Strike It Up, Lippy Girl Rosie Posie, SN Operative.)

Next up... I have my eyes on another lip conditioner from Ilia - possibly Blossom Lady or In Paradise.  Blossom Lady seems like it might replace the Pink Honey, but I'm also a sucker for anything described as coral, and In Paradise is the first other Ilia lip conditioner I've seen with that in the description (could be wrong??).  I'm also looking at the stains from Silk Naturals, as Jen from JensGreenSkincare was impressed with them and I still have a residual longing for a Benetint-esque stain, having never had the original when I was younger!

What would be your top pick  from the above?
Any recommendations on where to look next?  

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  1. karen calladine27 April 2015 at 06:58

    The card shark looks gorgeous z

  2. I agree with Karen, I think card shark looks lovely!

  3. Thank you! :) Maybe I'll take it outside soon x

  4. Definitely prefer it on the lips to in the tube - thanks Karen :) xx

  5. Thank you for all the swatches, those are gorgeous! I'm eyeing In Paradise too, I'm almost done with Shell Shock, so I'm looking already for a good replacement :) xx

  6. On first look it's much more orange I think, I will have to swatch them side by side xx

  7. I'm hoping to try more from Ilia (99 Red Balloons, Arabian Knights, Wild Child), Red Apple Lipstick (Hollype├▒o), and Silk Naturals. The latter of which is so affordable, I wouldn't mind picking up quite a few from them. Pumpkin & Poppy in Jilted also looks lovely, but I've found limited reviews and swatches.

  8. Wild Organic Beauty Blog19 May 2015 at 12:43

    I love this purely for the title, but this is also really useful! Card Shark looks gorgeous on you. I want to try their products but I'm scared of extra shipping charges. xx

  9. Oh it's so tempting! I haven't tried anything by Pumpkin and Poppy, but I have read good things about the contour bark powder? I will have to check out jilted :) Thanks for stopping by! :) x

  10. Aw, thanks! I wasn't sure if anyone would get the title - I think I must have been listening to 90s tracks on the radio that day! I love Card Shark but haven't got the nerve yet to wear it outside - bit worried it'll end up all over my face...! Re charges, it's only if you go over £15 exc shipping, which is about $23.25. So if you keep in that range you should be okay :) And tbh, my last two orders I went over that a little bit and didn't get stung. xx


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