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02/05/15: Ten minutes with... Annie from Hello Purple Clouds

Yay, it's Annie!  I first met Annie for lunch, a natter and a shop in Whole Foods Cheltenham and then again at the Green Beauty Meet in Reading in October last year but I'd been reading her blog for a good while before that - one of the first posts I clearly remember reading is this one which first introduced me to the idea of a Foreo.  Her blog is warm, friendly (just like her) and informative -  I've been reading along ever since. 

Annie kindly agreed to take the time to answer a nosey woman's questions, and her responses are below!  Keep reading to find out more about Babylon 5, how her blog started and green beauty favourites.  Enjoy :) 

Last thing you do at night? Kick the cats out of the bedroom (they take up far too much room on the bed) and exchange I love you’s and goodnight kisses with my husband.

Top tip for being happy and healthy? Lots of fresh air, eating a rainbow of veggies and fruit and keeping processed foods for occasional treats is a good basis for keeping healthy. For me, there are three key steps to happiness: learn to love yourself with all your imperfections, don’t put too much emphasis on material stuff and laugh a LOT.

Brands/bloggers/people that inspire you?  I could spend a lot longer than 10 minutes on this! In the natural beauty world, it’s brands like Lyonsleaf, Angela Langford and Sophia’s Choice who all put so much of themselves into flying the flag high with passion and blogs like Sugarpuffish, Ana Goes Green, Well Meaning Being and My Zero Waste. Outside of that, I have huge admiration for Queen Rania of Jordan who is so active in improving the lives of children and the disadvantaged, not just in Jordan but across the Arab world. She’s strong, educated, passionate about does so much to change the lives of the vulnerable – what an amazing female role model.

Favourite TV series? It hasn’t been on TV for years but it has to be Babylon 5. I get my fix by re-watching the DVDs every year or so and it’s still as great every time; our Maine Coon, Zathras, is even named after one of our favourite characters from the series – yep, I am a complete sci-fi geek (live long and prosper)!

Product you wish you'd invented? It has to be the flushing toilet. We take them for granted but having spent a lot of time in parts of the world where holes in the ground have to do, I REALLY appreciate a nice, clean loo!

Favourite skincare item? I have very dry skin and couldn’t manage without facial oils. My favourites are Bodhi and Birch’s Desert Rose, Angela Langford’s Repair and Renew, OV Naturals Triple Rose and Antipodes’ Divine Facial Oil.

Favourite cosmetic item? I’m not big on make-up so it would have to be lip balm (does that count as a cosmetic item?), in fact, I am a little bit obsessed and usually have at least 20 on the go at any one time, but they do all get used.

Your guilty pleasure? Judge Judy! We don’t have TV at home but whenever I stay anywhere with a TV, I am glued to her shows. I just love the way she takes down all the idiots who bring cases before her and the by-play between her and Bird is hilarious.

Favourite book? It’s so hard to pick just one. Probably Lord of the Rings, I have read it literally dozens of times and Tolkien’s imagination never fails to astound me. Other favourites are Under a Calculating Star by John Morressy and anything by M R James.

Why did you start your blog? It sort of started by accident. My husband used to tease me about how so many conversations I had with friends and family ended up being about natural beauty and green living. He joked that I should write a blog about it instead of getting on my soapbox and so Hello Purple Clouds was born.

Which product would you recommend to anyone starting out in green beauty? A good natural cleansing balm is a great place to start, deeply cleansing with all natural ingredients lays the foundation for good skincare. My current favourites are Steam Clean by Skin & Tonic and Lyonsleaf's Beauty Balm. Both have simple ingredients but are super effective.

Proudest/most exciting moment in your blog career? I had a lovely email a couple of months ago from someone who said that they had been following my blog for a while and felt that the posts I had written had really helped her in transitioning to a green beauty regime. I was so touched by this, not least because this was someone I didn’t even know existed. She had never commented on a post or tweeted me but that she had taken the time to email me and been able to make some changes as a result of what I had written was so rewarding.

You can find more of Annie at Hello Purple Clouds, on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.  

Go say hello! :)

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  1. You should do more of these interviews!

  2. What a lovely interview, Annie is a sweetheart Xx

  3. Annie is lovely and has a great blog, I loved meeting her last year. Also flattering to spot my blog getting a mention :D

  4. karen calladine4 May 2015 at 15:00

    Lovely post. I had the pleasure of doing a swap with Annie last year and she is just a beam of sunshine x

  5. Lovely interview with a rather special lady. I could chat to Annie all day. She's one of life's little gems xx

  6. Lovely post about a lovely lady! Annie is defo one of my fave people :-) xx

  7. Annie HelloPurpleClouds5 May 2015 at 10:08

    Thank you so much for asking me to be part of this series Hephzibah, looking forward to reading future posts xxx

  8. She is indeed :)

  9. You're welcome - thanks for taking part!! xx


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