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16/05/15: Ethical Stores

One part of my "good for me" checklist is buying ethical.  It's not always easy but as ever the internet is our friend here and I thought it would be good to share a couple of those that I've been browsing recently.

Bam Clothing
As you might have guessed, this site sells Bamboo clothing.  You can see from their FAQs that they take ethical sourcing seriously.  Also, their clothes happen to be some of the softest I have ever worn and their socks are actually magical - no stink!

Recently rebranded, EthicalBox has a good selection of homeware, accessories, shoes, fashion, candles and more from companies that I've never heard of, mixed in with a few that I have.  The navigation isn't my cup of tea - I'd really like to see the ability to view all available brands on one page, have sub-categories within the homeware section and for the shoes I would love there to be photos of how they look on - but there are a few pieces that I'm interested in, like these pointed vegan flats.  And how cool are these bamboo sunglasses??  

PHB Ethical Beauty
One I haven't bought from yet but I keep meaning to pop into their store in Cheltenham as they're cruelty free, natural and vegan society certified. You can read Katie's experience here.  

The Ethical Comparison Site
This is actually one I came across through PHB.  It's a GoCompare of sorts for ethical companies combined with a rating system.  The only thing to note here is that the focus is on harm to environment and people and therefore not necessarily on what many green bloggers might consider clean/unclean ingredients.  I also found it interesting to note that Odylique received a middle rating for their Vegetarian category - quite surprising and racking my brain to work out why! 

What ethical sites do you shop at?  

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  1. karen calladine16 May 2015 at 12:03

    Some really helpful suggestions. Am off to have a look at Bam clothing x

  2. I am really impressed with PHB and I know them through the Free From Skincare Awards, bought a few things & also picked up a samples, I chatted with them at NOPE and their product range is pretty impressive. Get yourself to their shop I would love to be able to do that :)


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