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03/08/15: Bin, gift or repurpose? #3

Schmidt's Deodorant x 3 (sample sizes)
The Bergamot and Lime and Cedarwood I purchased myself and the Ylang Ylang I received in the recent ABW sampler.  Unfortunately although I love the fragrances after using them for a while my underarms now can't handle the bicarbonate soda for more than a few days.  The Lime is close to two thirds empty, the Cedarwood about a third but the Ylang Ylang is untouched.  Bin/gift:  I'm not really sure how I would go about repurposing these so it's going to be bin or gift.  If anyone would like the unused Ylang Ylang, just shout!

Akamuti Mango Tree Butter
I think I bought this as I noticed that mango tree butter featured in a few under eye balms as a brightening agent.  It's a small pot but I've never gotten around to really using it; as it's so firm (to be fair Akamuti do warn you of this!) it's difficult to use on its own and you really need to mix it with another butter.  It doesn't have any particular scent other than a bit "tree-ey".   Bin - It's been in my drawer for a while and is now past its best before date.

Trilogy Cream Cleanser and Vital Moisturising Cream
I bought these last year for my mother as a "welcome to organic natural nice stuff" gift.  Unfortunately I forgot that she is intolerant to aloe vera, which features heavily in these products.  I've never gotten around to using them up as I'm more than happy with my cleansers and moisturisers.  Bin/gift - They're just outside of their BBE date so I wouldn't want to gift them to anyone without fair warning. They've only been tested on hands so if anyone would like to try them I can pop them in the post!  

Our Tiny Bees Lip Balm
I received this as a gift with purchase when I bought their face mask, bath bar and a candle.  It's pleasant enough, although quite stiff.  The honey scent comes through but I tend to prefer stick balms rather than ones I have to delve my paws into.   Repurpose - I've had it a while but it still seems good.  I will probably make use of this thick balm to coat my scaly feet and elbows during the summer!

Gwdihw Smoochy Lips Lip Balm
Another balm in a pot, I just don't tend to reach for this.  It's more like a foot balm tin and I'm not overly keen on the smell anymore.  I think it's probably past its best as it came in a SoukSouk box... the other one that I received at the same time was a hand/nails/feet one which I much preferred.  Bin - not used and past it, this one is heading for the bin.

Handmade Naturals Roll On Spot Stick
I've used about half of this but it never seemed to have much of an effect on my nasty spots so I'm currently trialling Indie Lee.  I like the scent and the tea tree combo, but the oil never sat where I wanted it.  Bin - not using this on my face any more as it's past its use by date.  

Studio 78 Tinted Moisturiser 01
I bought this as a pair with their gorgeous golden highlighter from the lovely Jen (Red Fox Diaries) in a blog sale.  Although the highlighting primer has been a good purchase the foundation is quite simply the worst I have ever tried!  Sorry Studio78 but this really sucks.  I don't know if perhaps it was a bad batch, but each pump comes out white with orange streaks and rubbing it in only makes the orange darker and more noticeable.

I've tried shaking it to within an inch of its life, applying with a sponge, applying with a brush, mixing it with moisturiser... nothing works.  It's the lightest shade, supposedly, but applies more like terracotta wood stain.  Has anyone had any success with this product?  I'd love to know!  Bin seriously, flying into...

Spot anything you'd rather cut off your own hand than throw out?   
(Or anything you've just tried?)

Let me know down below!

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