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06/10/16: May Lindstrom Deluxe Samples by Alyaka

One of the more luxurious (read: very expensive!) brands that I have had on my radar since I started going more natural in my beauty is May Lindstrom.  I vividly recall thinking that this was something I should never try, lest I fell in love and then had to shell out uber-bucks... however, the curiousity along with Being Content's useful sample service got the better of me and I soon ordered a few samples of The Problem Solver, The Clean Dirt and The Honey Mud.

Although I like toners and serums, I was never entranced by May's offerings on those in the same way - at least not enough to order a sample - they may be delicious!  After my first samples, I decided that I most liked The Problem Solver and The Honey Mud and ordered them both a couple more times through Content and Amazingy, before finally this year spotting that Hello Annabel had ordered successfully through Alyaka - a company I had seen around but never placed an order through as I wasn't sure of the authenticity/safety of it as none of the beauty bloggers I knew were ordering through them.    

May Lindstrom Deluxe Set Box

I ordered the deluxe sample set - 10ml of The Clean Dirt, The Honey Mud and The Problem Solver. The idea of their sample sets is that you pay for the samples (£22 for the May Lindstrom one) and then this can be redeemed against the purchase of a full size product if you purchase it within the month.

The Clean Dirt (full size £48) - smells like Christmas and was the first product of May's to cross my path.  Unfortunately I didn't find it worked particularly well as a cleanser but is more of a physical exfoliator.  I already have a very successful cleanser in Pai and I have several others that I would choose before reaching for the Clean Dirt.  
The Honey Mud (full size £64) - I am obsessed with the smell of this.  It is so delicious and a small bit goes a long way.  I am torn between this and the Problem Solver for efficacy but this wins hands down for scent.  Chocolate-honey-vanilla..  Just amazing.  I have used this as both a mask and a cleanser and think I prefer it as a cleanser.  It is very sticky until a small bit of water is added and it emulsifies pleasantly and leaves the skin soft and smooth.
The Problem Solver (full size £72) - second on the list of great smells this is similar to The Clean Dirt but less gritty.  When mixed with water it froths up very satisfactorily to create a black mousse.  I loved using this as a mask.  My go-to masks for the last year have been from Pai, but as cream masks I find they sink into my skin quite quickly.  They are also supposed to be left on for only around eight minutes.  May, however, suggests using her mask for up to 45 minutes.  I don't find I can comfortably sit with this for that long, but a little extra rose mist along the way means I can relax for a bit longer without thinking I need to jump up and remove it.  
As a premise, I'm very happy with the Deluxe Sample Kit from Alyaka.  They have various other options, all with the ability to then redeem your purchase against a future order from that brand - and when I couldn't make the purchase of the full size product from May within the time limit on the voucher because it is currently out of stock they immediately extended the term without any trouble at all.

Overall I am torn over the products because although I love the experience and luxury I don't know whether the actual impact on my skin is worth the cost.  When I try to imagine paying this much for a product if it was from a brand unknown to me I doubt that I would reach into my pocket.  I guess it comes down to personal preference as to whether you are willing to pay for experience and pleasure over effect.  In this instance, having spent the initial cost on the sample which I can redeem, I will be purchasing the full size of The Problem Solver, so once I have my hands on the full product I can hopefully do a more in depth review of my thoughts on use over a longer period of time.      
Have you bought any of May's line - what did you think?

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