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19/03/17: Jane Iredale vs ILIA Beauty Mascara

Finding the right mascara - not easy.  I want it to define, lengthen, volumise, not flake until late on in the day, not be too expensive, be easy to get hold of and not contain any weird ingredients.  There are a couple that come close to meeting these criteria but there's usually one thing that keeps them from being a repurchased winner.  The only mascara that I've ever repurchased was Living Nature's Fragrance Free Mascara, which I may go back to if neither of the two I'm currently testing work out for me but it's still on the £££ side.

ILIA Mascara: I bought this when a voucher for May Lindstrom at Alyaka became unusable (they stopped stocking it) and they allowed me to transfer it to another brand. At £22 this definitely doesn't check the affordability box on my mascara hit list, so using a voucher to purchase it was probably the only way it would have ended up in my make up bag.

Unfortunately, I just don't think I like it.  The wand is different to the usual and I like how it really lets you get to each hair, but it doesn't layer well and you have to be really careful not to end up with spider lashes.  Somehow the wand, even though it separates out the lashes initially, means that they then clump together.  How!?  I've also managed to poke my lid quite painfully with the spikes!  I don't know whether I'll learn to like this more in the future once it has dried out a little, as it's currently super wet, but paying £22 for a product you don't like from the get-go seems a bit stupid. 

(ILIA Beauty - one coat, two coats, two coats looking up)

(Jane Iredale - one coat, two coats, two coats looking up)

Jane Iredale Lengthen and Define:  I hated this mascara when I first tried it.  "A tube?  Who the hell puts mascara in a tube?" were my first thoughts. Closely followed by thoughts on how massive and like every other mascara wand the brush was.  However, it separates the lashes nicely without turning them into spider's legs, provides a good amount of thickening at the base and doesn't flake throughout the day.  This has grown on me a lot since my first impressions, to the point where I'm rummaging through my bag trying to find it instead of the ILIA Beauty one.   I have to say, looking at the photos below, it definitely applies a lot better when I've curled my lashes, but I might see if I can try another sample size of this rather than buying full size.

The tube is still weird to me, but I do like that this allows you to really coat the wand (squeezing the tube around it) and means you can get out almost every last drop like a toothpaste.  Given the ease with which a mascara can dry out I think this is a clever way to help avoid too much air getting in and allowing you to get as much use out of the product as possible.  Unfortunately, this mascara is also on the pricey side at £21.75, so although I might buy it again I may have to look at cheaper alternatives first. 

Good for me?  Honestly, as you can see from the photos - neither of these are amazing but the Jane Iredale one is probably out in front.

Good for you?  Meh.  If you have the chance to try a sample of either (I have the sample tube of the Jane Iredale), then it could work for you.  But I wouldn't suggest spending the dosh on either of these.  Two mascaras I would recommend are the one from Living Nature (still quite pricey but still the only mascara I've actually repurchased) and one from Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques.

Do you have a Holy Grail mascara?

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